Venus Flytrap



  • 1 cup crushed ice
  • 2 oz gin infused with kefir lime
  • 1 oz Falernum (West Indies lime based sweetener)
  • .5 oz lime juice
  • .5 oz soda
  • 1 dash angostura bitters
  • 3 dash absinthe
  • 1 dash nutmeg
  • 1 kefir lime leaf
  • 1 wedge of lime


  1. To make the gin infusion: blend the gin with keffir lime leaves. Combine 1 double kefir lime leaf per 2oz gin.
  2. Strain the result through a cheesecloth and retain infused gin.
  3. Combine infused gin, other liquid ingredients, and crushed ice with a blender.
  4. Serve in a fancy glass with lime slice, keffir leaf and dash of nutmeg as garnish.

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